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Get Manual Lymphatic Drainage with a Massage in Toowoomba

Originally developed in Germany, a lymphatic drainage massage in Toowoomba aims to provide manual lymphatic drainage. This manual drainage can be necessary due to illness or medical treatment blocking your lymphatic system. These massages are gentle, providing enough manipulation to specific areas to encourage lymph movement.


What to Know About a Lymphatic Massage Around Toowoomba

A lymphatic massage – also known as manual lymphatic drainage – primarily serves to relieve the painful swelling mostly caused by lymphedema. This swelling usually shows in the arms and legs.


Lymphedema is the result of your tissue retaining a fluid called lymph – which is usually left behind after your cardiovascular system sends blood to your tissue or organs. Under normal circumstances, your lymphatic system should collect this fluid and return it to your heart. However, during lymphedema, fluid return does not occur properly.


Through manual lymphatic draining, one of our practitioners will assist with the movement of lymph through your body with a gentle massage.

Understanding Lymphatic Drainage Massage Benefits

Manual lymphatic draining can prove beneficial in a variety of ways. Here are some of the more common benefits of this treatment:

  • Relieves swelling caused by lymph build-up.

  • It is a gentle approach and does not cause pain.

  • Does not take too long to administer.

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Book Your Lymphatic Drainage Massage

If you currently struggle with lymphedema, consider booking a massage with one of our professionals. We will explain the process to you and can hopefully restore your quality of life with a gentle massage to restore lymph movement.

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