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Enjoy a Mobile Massage Around Toowoomba on a Busy Schedule

Many people would love to enjoy a massage but simply cannot find time to attend an appointment. Our services for a mobile massage in Toowoomba allow women to enjoy a massage even with an overwhelming schedule. With KIBO Remedial Massage, you can enjoy much-needed massage therapy and catch a breath.


What to Keep in Mind About Our Mobile Massage Therapist

If you want one of our massage therapists to come to your home, there are a few things to remember. Here is a brief list of important notes to remember before booking our services:

Female-Only Service

Our mobile massage services are only for females. Please consider this limitation when booking as we do not service males with our mobile massage service.


We accept payment in cash, debit card, credit card, or bank transfer form. We aim to accommodate all clients with our payment methods.

Insurance Claimable

We can give you an invoice via email that you can claim through your private insurance.

Appointment Only by Call or Text

Please note that we only accept bookings for our mobile massages via call or text. We do not accept online bookings for this service.

Browse Our Wide Range of Massage Options Now

If you want to squeeze a comforting massage into your busy schedule, book our service now via call or text. Alternatively, why not view our range of other massage options, from remedial massages to PNF stretching and even dry needling?

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